Traditions of Serbian weddings

18 November 2023

The meeting itself is one of the most crucial aspects of a ceremony day. It is the point in time when two deeply in love can get married and begin their lives up. This was the situation with Mici & Jack, who were married in a stunning conventional serbian ceremony at The Serbian Orthodox Church St. Nicholas Woolloongabba.

Hours before the ceremony, the bride’s house hosts a skep ( pre-ceremony party ) to start the full wedding experience. Visitors arrive here and enjoy the food, camaraderie, family, and songs.

The partners leaves for the religion in a wagon of honking horns and waving flags after the skep is finished. The Godfather and their kumovi ( godparents, maid of honor, and best man ) congratulate them during this time.

The Buklijas, also known as the couple’s family members, welcome different guests to drink from a unique flask that is typically money-adorned before the ceremony. This custom, which dates back hundreds of years, is thought to be a way of saying” thank you” to all the visitors who came.

The bride and the groom both wear a unique pair of bracelets during the meeting. They stand for the light that may lead them through their marriage and are positioned on the fourth finger of their correct side.

Following the ceremony, the bride and groom are greeted in their new home by their mother-in-law and father-to-be. The wedding is given glucose by the mother-in-law, along with breads under their arms and a bottle of wine in each finger. The bride’s ability to care for herself and her family is demonstrated by this.

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