01 April 2023

Through the SME Go Digital offer, the mobile operator wants to help companies do business differently in order to develop, be more resilient and more competitive.

The world changes. Everything evolves. Everything is now connected, so that an incident in China or Ukraine has a direct impact on the price of bread in Cameroon. The tools or solutions used yesterday no longer seem adequate to create wealth in this digital world. “Something has to be done. There is definitely a better way to do business, to accelerate Africa’s development. It may not be time to do things the old way”, thinks Franck Gérard Kom, General Manager of Mtn Business, who maintains that it is urgent to do business better in a country like Cameroon, where the he economy is almost 90% based on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

For local SMEs, it is therefore a question of being present on the train of the digital revolution in order to be more resilient, competitive and create wealth. These SMEs, according to statistics, have a significant role in the development of the Cameroonian economy. They represent 34 to 37% of contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They contribute 54% to job creation. For the year 2022 alone, 15,591 SMEs were created in Cameroon. “A real vector of wealth and job creation”, notes Thierry Mindjos, the at Mtn Cameroon.

He informs that Mtn Business has developed a program dedicated to companies: SME Go Digital. The said program presented in Douala on Thursday March 02, 2023 aims to help companies adopt digital to develop, be more resilient and more competitive. According to Thierry Mindjos, Manager Go To Market MTN Business, the program is a solution to the inexperience and lack of training of these young entrepreneurs who do not have easy access to the market and face problems related to business climate.

The SME Go Digital program offers SMEs edified communications, partnerships with Coworking Spaces. Smes will be able to benefit from reduced rates here to hold their meetings and conferences, we learn. The offer is also Ayoba Mtn Business Community. An application in which promoters of SMEs will benefit from tips to improve the management of their business. They will also be able to exhibit their products and services to members of the community. SME Go Digital is above all the Digital Hub portal. The Mtn Business team presents this platform as an opportunity for SMEs to create their online store, hold virtual meetings with their communities, take practical advice, among others. MTN Business also presented business management solutions thanks to its partnership with the giant Microsoft. “We believe in the power of digitalization for the progress of Africa and we believe that it goes through companies and SMEs,” said Franck Gérard Kom.